Knee Joint Replacement - Plano & Frisco
Knee Joint Replacement is a medical procedure that calls for high-end precision and expertise. The chances of full recovery depend largely on the way the surgery is performed. So, if you wish to go in for a Joint Replacement procedure in Plano or Frisco TX, you can head to Dr. Adam Kouyoumjian. A certified Orthopedician from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Kouyoumjian is known for performing minimally invasive Knee Joint Replacement procedures.

Knee injury is a common occurrence in sportspersons and athletes, and Dr. Kouyoumjian is one of the renowned orthopedic sports surgeons in Texas having wide experience in sports injury medicine and surgery. Before going in for any treatment, it is important to understand what exactly causes a knee injury.

Common forms of knee injuries:

  • Ligament Sprain
  • Tendon Tears
  • Cartilage Tears
  • Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome

For patients with acute knee injuries or knee arthritis, a Joint Replacement procedure is the only way out.

Knee Joint Replacement

Knee Joint Replacement involves replacing the pain-causing joints with artificial ones called prostheses. With the advancement in technology and development of new materials, patients can now get significant relief from pain. Once the surgery has been completed, complete recovery and healing can be achieved by following a dedicated physiotherapy plan.

Among the benefits of getting a Knee Joint Replacement done, the first and foremost is the removal of pain. As the procedure works by replacing the painful joint with artificial prostheses, the pain no longer exists. Patients experience a sea change with respect to the mobility of knees. The range of motion of knees that was earlier restricted by the pain is no longer the case. Activities such as walking, running and jogging can be easily carried out without any discomfort.

Knee Pain can be a major deterrent to sleep. A patient with painful knee joints might experience soreness and inflammation within the knees. At times, there could be considerable swelling as well. This hampers the regular sleep cycle of the patient. But once the surgery has been performed and the affected joint corrected with artificial prostheses, the patient can breathe easy and have a sound sleep.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages of a Joint Replacement procedure, any deformity in the knee structure can also be corrected with the procedure. Normally, people who cross the age of 60 might need to go in for a Knee Joint Replacement procedure. However, this form of treatment can be administered to patients below 60 as well. The exact course of action is decided only after the knee doctor has examined and analyzed the patient’s past medical records. Factors such as weight, height, and others are also taken into account.

A Knee Joint Replacement can enhance the patient’s spectrum of activities to a great extent. After treatment, the patient can easily take part in activities such as golf and other sports.

As far as the procedure is concerned, a typical surgery would last for around 2 hours. The treatment is painless as anesthesia is administered before the actual surgery begins. Many patients report positive results, with elimination of pain up to the extent of 100 percent. The life of the replaced joint could be anywhere between 15 and 20 years; thereafter, it has to be replaced.

Many new innovations are happening every day. Keeping in sync with the changing times, Dr. Kouyoumjian has access to the best of materials and procedures for knee joint surgery. Call at (972) 985 - 1072 for a consultation, and experience positive results.